Movie and game release tracker for iOS and Android with a simple interface, optional push notifications for upcoming releases, and powerful discovery tools.


A wonderful app that has helped me keep track of all the games I'm interested in this fall! Plus, gotta love the Dark Mode integration!

This is a super convenient way for me to keep track of movies/games coming out soon that I'm interested in. I'm often googling release dates for things to loosely follow them and know how long until they come out but with this I can just keep everything I want to follow in one list.

Simple Discovery

You can't add movies and games to your Countdown list if you can't find them easily. That's why the Find tab shows large posters for upcoming releases and an easy to use searchbar where you can search for a title.


Tap on a release and see an overview, genres, credits, and trailers.


After adding movies and games to your list, you can see them and their release dates on the Countdown tab.

How to support

This app is built by a single developer. It remains ad free, so please consider a donation if you like what I am making.